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Marcel Schwittlick


Mar 10 - 28, 2023
Marcel Schwittlick
Composition #84: The Long Run


Marcel Schwittlick is a Berlin-based artist who creates artworks exploring the cybernetic aspects of generative systems and modern technology. His multidisciplinary practice combines digital and analog media to examine the intersection of art, technology, and philosophy.
Marcel's works often incorporate generative art, a form of art created using algorithms and computer code. His algorithmic methods and machines generate intricate, geometric patterns that explore the boundaries between chance and intention, control and randomness.
Another area of Marcel's practice is plotter art, which involves using vintage plotters to create precise and intricate drawings. In his plotter art, Marcel uses the machine's limitations and quirks to his advantage, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and creating unique works highlighting the interplay between machine and artist.