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Composition #84: The Long Run, 2023

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"Composition #84: The Long Run" is a series of original artworks created using a digital pen plotter, emptying a collection of 30-year-old vintage felt tip pens. Each piece measures 40x120cm, comprises 2.5 million individual dots and was created over 23 hours. The variations in the colors and textures come from the unique history of each pen, as they have been aging and drying out for 30 years. The emptying of these pens marks the end of an era, as the pens are no longer being produced and cannot be obtained through monetary means. For the three pieces being shown at SP2, eight pens of the same color were used, resulting in subtle variations in hue, saturation, and texture within each stripe.

The aspect of surprise in the process of creation is one of the fundamental principles of generative art, which typically involves the use of algorithms to generate unpredictable outcomes. In this sense, "Composition #84: The Long Run" is an analog expression of the generative art process, with the unique qualities of each pen contributing to the unpredictable variations in the color and texture of each stripe.

Marcel Schwittlick, promo image for "Composition #84: The Long Run"

Marcel Schwittlick

promo image for "Composition #84: The Long Run"