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Enrika Myskovskaja




2017-2021 Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (Master of Arts). Universität der Künste Berlin, Deutschland.

2005-2010 Music Technology BA (Hons). Kaunas University of Technology. Kaunas, Lithuania. Qualified Sound Technician and Audio Post Production Engineer.

2000-2005 Piano, Further Education Diploma. Siauliai Conservatory. Siauliai, Lithuania. Qualified Music Teacher and Concertmaster.

Notable exhibitions:

May 2020 Installation Hydramorphosis at SP2 gallery, Berlin. Collaborative audio-visual project with Alexandra Maciá aka OUT__OF_RANGE. As part of “If you don’t praise your home, it will crumble and kill you”.

November 2019- January 2020 DISSS Group Exhibition Navigating Berlin. Perspectives on Cartography at CLB Berlin gallery, Berlin. https://www.clb-berlin.de/en/events/navigating-berlin-i-snapshots-transitions/ https://youtu.be/67PiiHhGF3k

March 2019 Installation/live performance Aquasonic cosmos at Modular+Space, Berlin. Collaborative audio-visual project with Alexandra Maciá. https://vimeo.com/328624713

January 2018 Collaborative live performance by Cybermuta aka Sn(50) & Damn Jar at Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel - Turmoil Excess, Berlin https://www.facebook.com/events/393698001083827/? event_time_id=393698001083827&active_tab=about

February 2017 Live performance Neonthread at Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel - autobiographical.rituals, Berlin https://autobiographicalrituals.wordpress.com/live/ https://vimeo.com/206478636

January 2016 - December 2016 7,25 Strahlung Tschernobyl Fukushima Berlin project, Berlin. http://725strahlung.de https://ausland-berlin.de/manami-n725-strahlungdrnojoke

Audio Portfolios

https://soundcloud.com/65_4e_3bc_a https://noiseberg.bandcamp.com/track/sn-50-a-v3rs3 https://noiseberg.bandcamp.com/track/sn-50 https://oneironauticsberlin.bandcamp.com/track/sn-50 https://oneironauticsberlin.bandcamp.com/track/sn-50-x-diane-barb-x-alex-maci