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What if something happened and you had to get out of bed and leave your home in 3 minutes or less?¹ Contemporary life is filled with hazards. […] ███████████ carefully select from these conditions, emphasizing some, ignoring others, building their scenarios on the delicate optimism of middle ground, between the extremes of disbelief and despair, where their preparations can be imagined at once as necessary and sufficient.² She can see the possibility of "shortages and riots due to economic pressures" and the "ensuing military effort to control same, eventually leading to a war-time economy and possible nuclear resolution."³ An axe or hatchet can be used to build shelter, as a self-defense tool, or for a myriad of other purposes.⁴ Established order breaks down, chaos reigns, people suffer, and many times, bad actors rise to positions of power filling the vacuum left by fleeing or ineffective authorities.⁵ People are most dangerous when there are a lot of them. [..] My tone has been flippant, but the danger is real. [..] For the first few weeks, if not months, however, there would be definite chaos.⁶ If you were to be cut off from civilization and forced to do without utilities for a week, would you […] know what to do? Probably not.⁷ ███████████ is optimistic, not fearful. In ███████████ scenarios what you have is what you need.² To endure, today's societies must offer more than security and comfort. Ways must be found for people of varied means and imagination to craft culture as well as consume it. […] Some may be inconsequential and some a boon and some may bring genius and depravity together.² What you have is what you will need. What you will need is for sale.³

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Michael Pohl, Poster for "SHTF..."

Michael Pohl

Poster for "SHTF..."