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What Does the Fan Think When the Shit Hits It?, 2020

The two channel video installation combines found footage with material filmed by the artist.
Through the gallery window a projection can be seen that fills that spans the width of the entire gallery.

In silent shots, without camera movements, recordings of natural scenes are strung together. The slow sequence of scenes develops from the coast to desert landscapes and dense forests to mountain peaks and back. What they all have in common is that humans or man-made objects are not visible - it could be a post-apocalyptic world that is shown here where humans are not present anymores. These are recordings on which nothing happens, like a nature documentation without any action or theme.

Mounted right in front of this back drop, interrupting the stillness of nature, is a monitor that shows a second video stream: hands are holding objects in the camera, toilet paper, vacuum-packed food, flashlights, weapons. There is no soundtrack, but it is easy to understand that the viewer is presented objects that should be purchased or stocked up on in the event of an apocalypse or a collapse of society.

The two 30-minute video loops run side by side and complement or contradict each other. What do the prepper's instructional videos say about the landscape still life of untouched nature, and vice versa?
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Michael Pohl, Installation views "What Does the Fan Think When the Shit Hits It?"

Michael Pohl

Installation views "What Does the Fan Think When the Shit Hits It?"