Hanna Mattes
Anna Steinert

Throughout the course of history, humans have wrestled with existential concepts that lead them down several paths towards self discovery. From star gazing to hyper focusing on the minutae of every day life, these internal questions lead us to seek external answers concerning life, the universe and our place in it.

In their exhibition, MACRODOSER, Anna Steinert and Hanna Mattes both strive to find a common thread that leads us all to a place where we can look for love in all the wrong places and find it elsewhere along the way. Exploding the view from within our entangled subconcious, we come to universal realizations. We are all made of star dust and to dust we shall return.

The philosophical and aesthetic connections between the work of the two artists is uncanny. Both are exploring humankind’s connection to the ‘heavens’ by at once looking inward and seeing the vast beyond that makes it all seem so impossible to comprehend. Either through color, image, or representation, all the works have a commonality that, while developed apart, is supernaturally connected.

In her paintings, Anna Steinert is depicting something that is usually hidden from the concious mind and somehow works her way into showing that invisible air between. Like staring under a microscope at a drop of water, the area is somehow larger than expected, but subtly connected to a continued universal stream of conciousness.

In Hanna Mattes’ works, she is truly exploring new realms in both physical and subconcious spaces. By using meteorites as the subject matter, she shows that these rocks from space are a direct bridge to the heavens. At once destroyers and bringers of life. Her fascination with these objects is evident in how she gives each one its own life, so that it too seems to contemplate its place in the universe.

The last thing a fish would notice is water.